Type and Political Orientations Survey 2


This is the post-election version of the October 2008 Type & Politics Poll. The survey considers type preferences and political orientations. When you submit your responses, you will be able to view results from more than 500 responses to the pre-election version of the poll as well as more than 500 responses from the post-election version. You also will be able to compare your individual responses with aggregate responses to date. Please answer each of the following questions. Your responses are anonymous.  


Please indicate your psychological type (MBTI®) preferences. (If you are not sure, simply select the "not sure" option.)
Do you prefer Extraversion or Introversion?
  *** **
Do you prefer Sensing or Intuition?
  *** **
Do you prefer Thinking or Feeling?
  *** **
Do you prefer Judging or Perceiving?
  *** **
Please indicate your 4-letter best-fit type.
  *** **
How confident are you this 4-letter type is your best-fit type?
  *** **
What is your citizenship?
  *** **
Please indicate your political orientations & affiliations.
We hear a lot of talk these days about liberals and conservatives. Here is a scale on which the political views that people might hold are arranged from extremely liberal to extremely conservative. Where would you place YOURSELF on this scale or haven't you thought much about this?
  *** **
9. Some people may be conservative on some issues such as social issues and liberal on other issues such as economic issues (and vice versa). Please use these two scales to indicate where you would place YOURSELF in terms of your views on economic issues and social issues.   On social issues, I am...

*** **

On economic issues, I am....

*** **

Generally speaking do you usually think of yourself as a REPUBLICAN, a DEMOCRAT, an INDEPENDENT, or what?
  *** **
Please indicate your voter registration status.
Note: If you are a U.S. Citizen Expatriate and may vote in the November election, please indicate your regular voter registration. If you are an expat who is not allowed to vote in the November election, simply select that response.

Please indicate your agreement or disagreement with each of the following statements. (Please answer each question so that your individual scores may be calculated. You will be able to view your individual scores in the results section.)

12. The government should provide fewer services even in areas such as health and education in order to reduce spending.   *** **
13. A strong central government helps improve society.   *** **
14. I support the death penalty.   *** **
15. I prefer a Libertarian government.   *** **
16. The government should see to it that every person has a job and a good standard of living.   *** **
17. The Bible is the actual Word of God and is to be taken literally, word for word.   *** **
18. The government should increase support for the U.S. military.   *** **
19. Same-sex couples should be allowed to marry.   *** **
20. This country would have many fewer problems if there were more emphasis on traditional family ties.   *** **
21. Strengthening the United Nations should be a foreign policy goal of the government.   *** **
22. The government should increase the taxes paid by ordinary citizens in order to increase spending on domestic programs like healthcare and public schools.   *** **
23. The government should do more to ensure everyone has an equal chance.   *** **
24. The newer lifestyles are contributing to the breakdown of our society.   *** **
25. The government should solve international problems by using diplomacy rather than military force.   *** **
26. The government should intervene to reduce income differences.   *** **
27. Government regulation of business usually does more harm than good.   *** **
28. We should be more tolerant of people who choose to live according to their own moral standards, even if they are very different from our own.   *** **
29. Government regulation of business is necessary to protect the public interest.   *** **
30. Government should play a stronger role in regulating personal morality.   *** **
31. One of the big problems in this country is that we don't give everyone an equal chance.   *** **
Please indicate the extent of your knowledge of, and experience with, psychological type.
32. Are you qualified to purchase and administer the MBTI? (Note: Someone becomes qualified by completing an approved qualifying workshop sponsored by such organizations as the Center for Applications of Psychological Type or by earning an advanced college degree which includes courses on tests and measurements.)   Yes
Not Sure
33. Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of a local, regional, or national association for psychological type?   Yes No
34. Your sex:   Male Female
35. Your age:  

Please enter a personal identification code. Please use numbers indicating your birth month and date plus the last four digits of your telephone number. (E.g. If you were born on May 19 and the last 4 digits of your phone number are 7433 then you would enter 5197433.)

Please remember this number! You will need it if you wish to view your individual scores.



Note: If your responses fail to submit when you click on the "Submit" button, please scroll up andcheck to see if you missed a required question (indicated by ***). You need Javascript enabled for this feature to work. If you do not have Javascript enabled, please make sure you responded to all questions before submitting. Thanks.

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