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The assessments in this section are listed below. Before completing any of these assessments, please read the following.

1. By clicking on any of the "Assessment Links" (below) you indicate you have read and understand the material in the "Assessment Guidelines" and "Disclaimer" sections.

2. Assessments are grouped with other assessments for research purposes. The introduction section (below) for each assessment will tell you which assessments are grouped and what kinds of results you will receive. Most (but not all) assessments provide both numerical and textual results along with references for further study. Most of the assessments also will present results from another group so that you may compare your results.

3. Political | Types is interested in the relationship between personality and politics in a variety of contexts. Thus, e.g., you may encounter questions about your political affiliation along with questions about perceptions of political dynamics in the classroom. To our knowledge, few studies have looked at political orientations and politics in academe or the classroom. We thus appreciate your participation in this kind of research.

4. Most of the assessments are set up so that you must answer all the questions on the assessment. Otherwise, the assessment will indicate you need to answer an omitted question or two. This approach helps ensure your results can be compared with other responses in your results section.

5. By completing this assessment you acknowledge that you are doing so voluntarily and that you meet the age requirement in your legal jurisdiction for giving informed consent.

6. Your results are anonymous. Only you will know the results. Any research using your results will be aggregated such that no individual results are known.

Enjoy. Learn.

Classroom Climate Survey

Note: This survey is designed for students currently enrolled in a college or university course. Feel free to complete the survey, however, if you are a high school student or not a student.  Simply indicate your status as such when asked.

Assessment Purpose: This survey contains questions about your perceptions of the classroom climate for any class you are taking currently.

Number of Questions: The assessment task involves 40 questions. There also are 11 questions related to your sex, gpa, and so on.

Time to Complete: About 5 - 10 minutes.

Results:  Immediately after submitting your responses, you will receive scores for 9 dimensions of classroom climate.  Your scores also are presented in comparison to student results from a previous study.  Note:  Your responses are anonymous. 


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