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 The Jungian Types & Political Orientations

The chart below shows the average (mean) scores for each of the 8 Jungian types on each of the five scores of political orientations.  The Jungian groupings indicate a dominant function type within a particular attitude (e.g., Si indicates dominant Introverted Sensing).  The formation of this grouping takes into consideration three of the MBTI® preferences. For example, the Si Jungian Type includes the ISTJs and the ISFJs.

In general, the effect of the 8 Jungian types was significant for all of the political orientation measures, although the effect seems strongest for the self-perception measures. The primary differences for each dependent variable seem to be:

  • Self (General): The Fi types scored significantly more liberal than the Si and the Te types.
  • Self (Social): The Si types scored significantly less liberal than the Ne, Ni, and Fi types.
  • Self (Economic):  The Si types scored significantly less liberal than the Fi types.
  • Attitudes (Social): The Si types scored significantly less liberal than the Ni types.
  • Attitudes (Economic):  The Fi types scored more liberal than the Si, Se, and Te types.

Almost all of the types, on average, reported a more liberal orientation on all five of the measures of liberal-conservative political orientations.

On average, all types reported a more "moderate" orientation in terms of liberal-conservative economic self-perceptions. Self-perceptions and attitudes related to social issues are more liberal across the types.

Note: Higher scores indicate more Conservative responses.  Scores above 5.0 indicate Conservative orientations and scores below 5.0 indicate Liberal orientations.  Results for the analysis can be found here (ANOVA) and here (Kruskal_Wallis). (Note: Higher scores in the ANOVA printout indicate more Conservative responses, except for the Liberal-Conservative Attitudes-Economic where higher scores indicate more Liberal responses.)


Summary of Significance Tests: Jungian Types
Liberal-Consevative Measures F-Test   Kruskal_Wallis Test
Self: General p = .000*   p = .000
Self: Social p = .000*   p = .000
Self: Economic p = .003   p = .004
Attitudes: Social p = .026   p = .034
Attitudes: Economic p = .031   p = .025
*Test assumptions not met      


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