May 2008 Poll - Discussion

Poll Overview - May 2008


The third round of the Type & Politics Poll was conducted during the first full week of May 2008. Approximately 260 e-mails were sent to people who registered to participate in the Poll. The Poll also was open to any visitor to the website during this time.


Sixty-two people completed the poll. The majority of these respondents indicated preferences for I (68%), N (87%), T (53%), and P (57%). The average age of respondents was 54 years and the majority (56%) were female.

Ninety-seven percent of the responses came from U.S. citizens. The political affiliations of those who indicated this information was: 45% Democrat, 31% Independent, and 19% Republican.

With respect to MBTI experience, 81% indicated they were members (or had been members) of an APT association and 86% indicated they were MBTI qualified. One-hundred percent indicated they were at least moderately confident that their reported type was their best-fit type.

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