February 2008 Poll - Discussion

Sample Characteristics

As mentioned, we solicited business students to participate in the February Poll. All students had completed the MBTI and received an interpretation. To assess the impact of including students, we compared reponses between participants who indicated they were APT members and those who indicated they were not (presumably students). Results indicated APT members:

  • reported preferences for I, N, & P more frequently than non-APT members.
  • scored higher on the three questions testing type knowledge.
  • were older.

No significant differences were found for sex or political self-identification as liberal, moderate or conservative.

These results seem reasonable given that business students are likely to be younger, posses a less comprehensive understanding of type, and prefer S and J more so than APT members. One might also expect the business students to be more T; the balance of T and F, however, might be due to the fact that most students were management majors which may attract Fs more so than other business classes such as accounting and finance.

Given these differences, we included age, tests scores of type knowledge and APT membership as control variables in various analyses.

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