February 2008 Poll - Discussion

Poll Overview - February 2008

The second round of the Type & Politics Poll was conducted during the first full week of February 2008. Approximately 280 e-mails were sent to people who registered to participate in the Poll. Approximately 70 students in undergraduate and graduate business classes (who had completed the MBTI and received an interpretation) also were invited to participate voluntarily in the Poll. The Poll also was open to any visitor to the website during this time.

One hundred eleven people completed the poll. The majority of these respondents indicated preferences for I (51%), N (70%), T (54%), and J (54%). The average age of respondents was 44 years and the majority (52%) were female. Ninety-six percent of the responses came from U.S. citizens. The political affiliations of the who indicated this information was: 44% Democrat, 31% Independent, and 21% Republican. With respect to MBTI experience, 49% indicated they were members (or had been members) of an APT association and 53% indicated they were MBTI qualified. Ninety-eight percent indicated they were at least moderately confident that their reported type was their best-fit type.

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