August 2007 Poll - Discussion

Type and Party Membership

Sensing and Intuition preferences clearly seem related to a person's political self-concept as liberal, moderate, or conservative.  But, are type preferences related to one's choice of a political party?{mosimage}

Consulting Pscyhologists Press' construction of the Form M collected information about type and political party preference that provides some interesting insights into this question.  In particular, the following hypotheses seem reasonable based on this analysis:

  • Republicans are likely to be TJ types.
  • INFJs cleary seem to identify as Democrats.
  • STJs are least likely to identify as Independents whereas NTPs are most likely to identify as Independents.

One of the objectives of the Type & Politics Poll was to try and replicate these results. Thus, we examined statistically whether or not the following variables would be associated with party identification (Republican, Democratic, Independent): E-I, S-N, T-F, J-P, and political orientation (liberal, moderate, conservative).  We used a technique called Multinomial Logistic Regression using sample of APT only members (with password) as well as the total set of responses (for exploratory purposes and to enhance statistical analysis).

Links for copies of the results are provided for each analysis.  Should you choose to look at the results, please keep in mind that E, S, T, and J are coded 0 (zero) and I, N, F, P are coded 1 (one). And, you'll need to enable Javascript to see the pop-up results.

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