August 2007 Poll - Discussion


The first round of the Type & Politics Poll was conducted during the first full week of November 2007. Approximately 3000 e-mails were sent to members of the Association for Psychological Type – International soliciting participation in the poll. The poll also was open to any visitor to the website during this time. APTi members were provided with a password for identification purposes.


Four hundred people completed the poll. The majority of these respondents indicated preferences for I (57%), N (85%), F (58%), and J (54%). Not surprisingly, 52% reported a preference for NF. The average age of respondents was 52 years and the majority (72%) were female (n = 369).

Eighty-nine percent of the responses came from U.S. citizens. The political affiliations of the 345 who indicated this information was: 55% Democrat, 28% Independent, and 12% Republican.

Two hundred and eighty two people provided the correct password and 91 individuals indicated “notapt” as requested by the question. Another 80 individuals did not enter a password or entered an incorrect password.

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